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Create Your Big A– Jar Gratitude™ Practice!

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” – Oprah Winfrey

When we are intentional about recognizing the beauty in our everyday lives, even in those times when life has the nerve to give us more downs than ups, we can give thanks for it all and truly say, “It’s all good.” Living a life of gratitude takes practice, and in this workshop you’ll create a simple, fun and custom-made gratitude habit – the Big A** Jar way!

Facilitated by Chief (Self) Exploration Officer and Self-Mastery Chaperone Sandria M. Washington, who has been cultivating her Big A** Jar Gratitude™ practice since 2015, we’ll let creativity and playfulness lead the way. Through journal prompts, discussion and jar decorating, our time together will:

  • Illuminate the power and benefits of practicing gratitude
  • Open up new ways of being mindful of gratitude in your life
  • Give yourself permission to purposely and purposefully  be creative
  • Establish a gratitude habit that will grow you personally and professionally 


My Write to Breathe™: A Journaling x Breathwork Experience

“I think writing really helps you heal yourself. I think if you write long enough, you will be a healthy person.” – Alice Walker

You breathe without thinking about doing it, but did yo know that breathing consciously can improve your health and quality of life?

Intentional Breathing > Involuntary Breathing

Practicing breathwork, or pranayama, clears the physical and emotional obstacles in your body to free the breath and promote the flow of prana – life force energy. If you desire more flow in your creative pursuits, or support for anxiety, ADD/ADHD, stress, C-PTSD or other challenges that literally take your breath away, make your next breath your best breath with this workshop.

Facilitated by Chief (Self) Exploration Officer and Self-Mastery Chaperone Sandria M. Washington, who has studied the power of the breath as a certified yoga teacher and certified meditation teacher, My Write to Breathe™uses journal prompts, discussion and breathwork exercises to:

  • Illuminate the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of practicing breathwork
  • Open up new ways of being mindful via the breath and writing
  • Teach simple breathing exercises commonly taught in yoga
  • Help you establish a breathwork habit that you can easily incorporate into your life