She’s Baaaaack! Janet Jackson #SOTW Tour (Chicago)

THIS was the Janet show I wanted to see the first time. When she played The Chicago Theatre during the pre-pregnancy tour I was a little disappointed because I wanted the stadium experience. I’d never seen her before and in my mind “Janet Jackson” and “Theatre” just don’t seem right.


I honestly barely remember that show. The one thing I remember is the sista dancing background – Allison – who was big, beautiful and killin it. I don’t even think I wrote about that show. I left feeling like ‘OK.’

Last night Miss Jackson (because I’m nasty 😜) was sooo on point. One of the things I loved was how much solo time she had on the stage. The dancers weren’t always there and when they were they didn’t overpower her. I love to see artists who can hold down a stage solo without all the bells and whistles because it takes a lot to command the energy of thousands of people.


The opening of the show was Black Lives Matter AF and I was so here for it. It was like ‘yeah, we gon sing, dance, and have a good time but the State of the World #SOTW right now is why is there no regard for Black lives – lost or living?!’

Her visuals were dope and I want to give the set design person all the awards when I see it done well.



Janet was still fully clothed, but the outfits were fitted and she was giving us all the Fass Auntie sexiness.

It ain’t in the clothes. She danced with her eyes.

She looked confident.

And happy.

And not TIRED!

As a performer she is Level: Unfuckwitable. And she was performing full out. No Mariah Carey-ness. I think it was my friend Vee who acknowledged her muscle memory. Her body knows. It won’t forget.

I just loved seeing her in her element. Seeing her and Mary J in the same year (and pretty much back to back) just makes me think how dope it is to see women rise above the BS, heartache, trauma, doubt, etc and do what only they can do. We’re seeing them remember who the f—they are when we watch these shows.

And they give me Fass Auntie goals. I’m getting my tall boots!!


Have you seen the #SOTW Tour? Are you going?

*Field Notes:  These concert “reviews” are pretty much stream of consciousness.

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