You Are Here: Welcome To She Field Trips!

Field trip (n.): A trip made by students or research workers to study something at first hand. – Oxford Dictionary

She Field Trips (n.): the internal and external trips a woman makes toward self-actualization; (v.) what a woman does when she’s a student of life unapologetically on a journey to learn herself for herself – Sandria Washington

Diana Ross Mahogany quote

Reflection from Bali, Indonesia, March 2017: I remember when I read “Eat, Pray, Love” years ago and being so inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert’s adventures and her ability to translate her journey for a worldwide audience. But a part of me was also angry.

Where were the adventure stories of Black women? Was the “hero’s quest” a luxury not afforded to us? We could break down, but there’s no time to discover our breakthrough?

14 sunrise warrior
Sunrise warrior after climbing to the top of Mount Batur in Indonesia

2007 was a turning point year for me because after my own breakdown I discovered that self care and self exploration could be life saving. I decided to build a lifestyle around prioritizing these truths.

A decade later, I have so much to celebrate during this 37th year of life because God got me through. Not only did I survive, I thrived.

I had a spiritual reading and the sista told me I needed to take some time to gain clarity around my life and purpose. As I continue to work through the areas that seem cloudy, what I DO KNOW is that I want to inspire Black women to seek what fulfills them and empower them to claim those things.

I want to promote healthy living, healing, learning and self discovery as a lifestyle.

I want to encourage personal story sharing, starting with my own.

I want to be of service to help facilitate women and girls giving themselves permission to live their highest visions through my creativity: books, articles, workshops, courses, public speaking, inspirational products.

I want to share the DOPENESS of:

LIVING life intentionally;

Reading amazing books;

Enjoying live music;


Traveling to unfamiliar places, or;

Discovering the newness in the familiar places; and

SHENANIGANS! (random, but oh-so-necessary adventures)

The way is made clear by clearing the way.

And so it begins.


21 final pic in green
Bali, Indonesia, March 2017


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